Skippy Expedition has begun! / Klokani expedice zahajena!

Hello everybody! It took us more than 2 years to start writing in English but Yeah! From now on there will always(hopefully) be English and Czech version of articles. Another great news is that we finally started our journey! Woohoo! It’s called Skippy Expedition 2015 and this is the first article. Enjoy!

Hola Hola, jak jste si asi vsimli, tak timto clankem zahajujeme psani i v anglictine, ale ta hlavni zprava je, ze nase vyprava je konecne zahajena! Jmenujeme se klokanni expedice a zde je prvni clanek :).


Here comes the ENGLISH version. Pro ceskou verzi musite trochu sjet dolu.

it took us almost 2 weeks to get out of Perth because of all the packing, preparing, servicing etc etc but we made it out(1300$ lighter)! We are travelling a bit slower than the usual Australian standards but we are ON the road which matters to us 🙂 One of the biggest things is that we would like to thank everybody for your tremendous support that you all gave us. It was really needed and greatly appreciated! Thank you guys, we love you !

So far we have reached “just” Geraldton but we were lucky enough to find some interesting spots along the way such as these awesome sand dunes. Our pants are still full of sand but it was totally worth it! 😉

We are still working on the car in terms of moving things around and basically tuning up allocation of all the stuff. It turns out that we need just 2 sets of clothes, butter and a lots of carrot :).

In the next days we will reach Kalbarri National park which looks like Ozzy version of the Grand Canyon. Expect to see some updates on the website and don’t forget to check us regularly ! And there’s a gallery if you scroll down. And you can also leave us comment if you’re cool, right? 🙂

Cheers from Geraldton!
R+T <3 01

Ahooj ahoooj,

po servisovych kotrmelcich a prohaneni se obchodaky vyrazime na sever! 🙂

V sobotu spime v Lancelin u plaze a hned v nedeli rano po dzusicku (ano, mame s sebou odstavnovac a nekolik kilo mrkve ) 🙂 vyrazime dal na cestu a narazime na super atrakci -pisecne duny. Pisek mame vsude, ale stalo to za to 😉

V Jurien bay stavime na plavani,cviceni a jidlo a na vecu jsme v Ellendale pool (kouknete do galerky).

Zatim stale prerovnavame veci v aute a vymyslime “nova a lepsi” uloziste a eliminujeme obleceni, zvykame si na dlouhe sezeni v aute a australske cestovni vzdalenosti, ale jsme na ceste a to je nejdulezitejsi!

V nejblizsich dnech nas ceka Kalbarri narodni park, ktery pripomina americky Grand Canyon a pak proslula Monkey Mia s delfinkama a rejnokama :).

Dekujeme vsem za podporu, moc si toho vazime a diky internetu muzeme byt v kontaktu a psat porad clanky..taaak nezapomente koukat sem na flyaway 🙂 a my obcas treba kouknem na email nebo skype nebo taaaak ;).

Zdravime vas momentalne z Geraldtonu, cca 450km od Perthu a cca 400 km do Monkey Mia jen tak pro predstavu ;).


Jak se vam libi nase novinka psani v anglictine? Okomentujte to ;).

Mejte se radi, myslime na vas,


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  1. silvie says:

    Písek božíííí!

  2. admin says:

    Skippy Expedition Rulezzz

  3. Jana says:

    Great sand fun!

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