Carnarvon, Cyclone & First impressions/Prvni dojmy

How does it feel to be on road for 3 weeks ? How come that we stayed for 3 days in a town that we totally ignored in the planning phase? And how does it feel to have a really close relationship with a cyclone ? Read on..

Jaky mame pocity po prvnich 3 tydnech na ceste? Jaktoze jsme zustali 3 dny ve meste, ktery jsme totalne ignorovali pri planovani? A jaky to je mit neprijemne intimni vztah s cyklonem? Ctete dal..

This small town known for its banana production turned out to be a really nice stop that we gladly extended to total of 3 days. Tomino had a chance to do the 5000km service and Radunka found a free barbeque that was able to boil water = 5 liter of green tea for her + lots of boiled eggs for both of us. It was a very pleasant surprise to find out that after Denham there are actually towns with fresh produce, affordable prices and good stock of products. And the best part? The sunsents! Holy cr*p! The first evening was mindblowing but the second evening might have been even better. Well, you can see for yourself in the gallery. It was also a very pleasant surprise that there is a huge aboriginal community in the town and we haven’t seen any of them under any influence and somehow we felt a bit safer than in Perth. Conclusion: Carnarvon – Recommended (unfortunately no bananas for us as the first cyclone destroyed the whole produce of fruit)


On the way to Exmouth we had the unfortunate pleasure of close encounter with a “small” cyclone. In the beginning of the day the weather just seemed a bit windy and rainy. Well, please consider the word “a bit” to be an understatement. After a few hours of driving the wind got so powerful that our car became seriously unstable on the road (2.5 meters height is quite a lot!) and the rain was so dense that we literally had almost no visibility. We stopped at the nearest parking lot, had some food and couple of hours of reading and relaxing and soaking up :(. All of the sudden the parking lot was freaking gone! There seemed to be a red ocean everywhere. You can see it in the gallery that we are not kidding. The water level was rising quite fast so we decided to get the hell out of there and find some higher ground. Before we actually left we have witnessed a very strange phenomenon – epic dual between road train and the water. The road train being about 35 metres long vehicle and the water being a pissed of nature authority, that was certainly a scene to remember (yes, the road train won in the end).


First impressions
It’s been 3 weeks since we started our epic bombastic expedition. How is it in reality? Is it just drinking carrot juice and relaxing or is it tough? Well, it’s a bit of both. Here is our honest testimony:
– 1 year to travel around Australia is NOT enough.
– Everything is really intense – there is always so much happening in one moment or day that we have lost track of time and those 3 weeks seem like forever
– Things get better when you get some sort of practical organising skills in the car – if you need something you know where to get it (the only thing still missing is the hair cutting machine – yes, I look like a freaking Yetti)
– Make sure you have some security procedures – hide your valuable stuff, know where the back-ups are and you will be able to relax much more
– You will get use to finding/making toilet basically anywhere – bush, tree, supermarket alley, behind car etc.(the same rule applies for shower – you will be happy for any tap/shower that you find on the way)(Tomino is perfectly fine with taking a bath in the sea – back to the basics, right?)
– Everything takes a bit longer – searching, reaching to the fridge, unpacking and all similar activities just take longer and are a bit less comfortable
– Preparing food is not such a problem as Australia is a land of endless free barbeque places however dishwashing is a bit challenging task (washing dishes in a muddy sandy water is a bit frustrating)
– Buy USB stick internet otherwise you are screwed – there are absolutely no internet cafes and limited amount of wifi spots
– Prepare to be eaten alive by insects – no matter how good your insect repellent is (this part gets especially frustrating when they start biting your face)
– Destroy, crush and eliminate all your expectations – so far almost everything was completely different. The less you expect the more you will be surprised
– Food is overrated – you don’t need to eat much and you can always survive with a little bit of supplies – if it wasn’t for juicing we would be able to eat carrot for few days
– Expect to have all the time for yourself – you are the one deciding when and where to go – that’s a good and bad thing, right?
– You will see many and many sunrises and sunsets and you will appreciate the nature much more
– Eventually you will start to enjoy your trip – expect to take at least a week to tweak some stuff and get better with all the new procedures.
– You will get out of your comfort zone. A lot! Might be a good idea to mentally prepare yourself for that
– There will moments when you will just be grinning with pure happiness and also moments of complete opposite – anger, craziness etc.
– It’s freaking awesome and we would not trade this for anything else
– It’s an adventure of a lifetime and it keeps getting better and better 🙂

There’s a small gallery at the bottom of this page!

CESKA verze


Toto male mestecko zname predevsim pro sve bananove plantaze se ukazalo byt velmi prijemna zastavka,ze jsme mile radi zustali nakonec cely 3 dny. Tomino mel sanci udelat 5000km servis a Radunka nasla grily, ktery hrave varily vodu = 5 litru zeleneho caje pro ni + hodne varenych vajec pro nas oba. Prijemne prekvapeni bylo, ze po Denhamu (ctete Shark Bay clanek) jsou mesta s cerstvymi potravinami,prijatelnymi cenami a dobrymi zasobami. A ta nejlepsi vec? Zapady slunce! Pane Boze! Prvni vecer byl okouzlujici, ale druhy vecer zdal se byt jeste o kapku lepsi.Mrknete do galerky.
Taky nas prekvapilo, ze je zde velka aboriginska komunita, ALE narozdil od Perthu, nevideli jsme zde nikoho pod vlivem cehokoliv a tak nejak jsme se citili jeste bezpecnejc nez v Perthu.
Zaver: Carnarvon doporucujeme (bohuzel na nas zadny banany nezbyly protoze prvni cyklon znicil celou letosni urodu ovoce)


Po ceste do Exmouthu jsme byli nemile prekvapeni z blizkeho setkani s “malym” cyklonem.Na zacatku dne se pocasi zdalo pouze trosku vetrne a destive. Po nekolika hodinach rizeni vitr nabral takovou silu, ze nase auto zacalo byt silne nestabilni na silnici (I prestoze vazime okolo 3 tun) a dest byl tak prudky, ze jsme skrz sklo skoro nevideli. Zastavili jsme na nejblizsim parkovisti, najedli jsme se, zacli jsme cist a relaxovat a veci zacali nasavat vlhkost ..Po nejaky dobe se podivame ven a cely parkoviste najednou jakoby nebylo..Vypada to, ze tam je rudej ocean. Muzete ve fotogalerce videt, ze fakt nekecame! Hladina vody se zvedala rychle a tak nam nezbejvalo nic jinyho nez rychle odsud vypadnout na nejblizsi vyvyseny bod.Nez jsme odjeli, videli jsme na vlastni oci velmi nevsedni vec – boj mezi road trainem (obri kamion, ktery veze nekdy treba I 50 metru privesu) a vodou. Road train byl 35 metru dlouhy heblo a nakonec to protlacil nove vzniklym rudym oceanem. Rozhodne podivana na kterou jen tak nezapomenem.
Tady mate video pro blizsi predstavu ;).

Prvni dojmy

Dnes to jsou 3 tydny co jsme zacali nasi epickou bombastickou expedici . Jaky to ale doopravdy je? Pijeme jen mrkvickovej dzus a odpocivame anebo je to drsny a narocny? Je to trochu obojiho.
Tady je nase uprimna zpoved:

-1 rok na cestovani koleme Australie NENI dostatecne dlouho. Ano, Australie je veliky kontinent.
-Vsechno je velmi intenzivni –porad se toho tolik deje, ve stejnej moment nebo den, ze zaciname ztracet pojem o case a posledni 3 tydny se zdaji byt mnohem delsi
-Zivot v aute je snazsi pokud mate aspon zakladni organizacni schopnosti – kdyz neco potrebujete, vite, kde to najdete ( jedina vec co nam stale chybi je Tomuv strojek na vlasy a fousy –ano,uz vypada jako Yetti )
– Ujistete se, ze mate nejaky zasady bezpecnosti – schovavejte cennosti,mejte prehled kde se co nachazi, kde mate nahradni veci kdyby cokoliv a bude se vam mnohem lip spat 😉
-Zvyknete si,ze zachod si muzete udelat/najit kdekoliv –ker,strom,ulicka v supermarketu, za autem atd.(stejne pravidlo plati pro sprchu – budete stastni za jakykoliv kohoutek s vodou/sprchu, kterou po ceste najdete (moc jich neni) – Tom je naprosto spokojeny s osplouchnutim se v mori.
– Vsechno trva trochu dele – hledani, sapani se pro neco do lednice, vybalovani a podobne aktivity trvaji dele a jsou trochu mene komfortni nez doma
– Priprava jidla neni zas takovej problem v Australii protoze grily se nachazi skoro vsude, zato myti nadobi je obcas nadlidsky ukon (myti nadobi v zabahneny,pisecny vode je docela frustrujici)
– Kupte si mobilni internet,jinak jste v haji – nejsou tu zadny internetovy kavarny a velmi limitovane wifiny za ktery se plati.
– Pripravte se na to, ze hmyz vas bude zrat zaziva – nezalezi jak moc dobrej repellent mate (toto je velmi frustrujici obvzlast kdyz vas zacnou kousat I v obliceji)
– Znicte,zahodte nebo aspon snizte svoje ocekavani – zatim bylo vsechno uplne jiny. Cim min ocekavate tim vic muzete pak byt mile prekvapeni .
-Jidlo je precenovany – nepotrebujete tolik jist a vzdycky prezijete s trochou zasob – pokud by nebylo odstavnovani mohli bychom jist kilo mrkve nekolik dni
– Pocitejte s tim,ze mate veskerej cas sami pro sebe-vy jste ti co se rozhoduji kdy a kam jit – coz je dobry a spatny, zejo??
-Uvidite hodne vychodu a zapadu slunce a zacnete si vazit prirody vic a vic
-Drive nebo pozdeji si zacnete uzivat vasi cestu – pocitejte, ze to zabere tyden, mozna vic nez vyladite nejaky veci a zvyknete si na novy systemy, ale vsechno bude lepsi
– Budete nuceni opustit svoji komfortni zonu.Hodne.Muze se hodit se na to mentalne pripravit.
-Budou tu momenty, kdy se budete rehnit samym stestim a taky momenty uplne opacne –vztek, zachvaty silenstvi (vetsinou zpusobene hledanim klice a nebo kvuli hmyzu) atd.
-Je to naprosto skvely a nikdy bychom to nevymnenili za nic jinyho na svete!
– Je to zivotni dobrodruzstvi a je to cim dal tim lepsi 

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  1. Vojta says:

    Cestování často dost bolí, ale pak přijdou okamžiky na které nikdy nezapomenete. Ahoj ✋ ze slané pouště v Uyuni 4000 mnm

  2. Romi says:

    Teda, to je pořádné dobrodružství, ať už se vám cyklony vyhýbají, obdivuji váš klid s jakým jste to natáčeli :). Západy sluníčka jsou zato nádherné. Užívejte cest a sebe papa Romi, Janík a Bori.

  3. Kuba Tichý says:

    BOMBA!! moc Vám to přeju, uživejte jen tak dál :))))

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