Singapore – II – Gardens by the Bay

After feeling really concrete we went to see some supertrees and super gardens. 🙂

Kdyz uz jsme meli betooonu plny koule, vydali jsme se podivat na scifi kyticky. 🙂

In the middle of “concrete jungle” are located beautiful gardens, which are still in “regulations” of Singaporean’s architecture.

We found a nice cyclopath by the bay after sweating our asses off (literally) 🙂 . It is so humid in Singapore! There was very nice view to the city which was a pleasant change to our sweaty faces.


Tomas got his mood booster (iced coffee) and everything seemed more beautiful (and less sweaty) :).


We were ready to explore the park ;). There is a picture of a skyscraper, which is in fact a hotel. On the very top of it is a “ship” where is located one of the most expensive bars in the world. You can go up there as a tourist, but we didn’t go. For the entrance fee, we would rather buy durians :).


Gardens by the bay are stunning. There is so many gardens (Chinese, Malay, Indian..) that you can easily spend a whole day there exploring. We found some very unusual stuff in least not known to us.


We returned to gardens again as it’s such unusual place! Have you noticed their “supertrees”? This is definitely “must see” if you’re in Singapore.

We finished our visit with leaves selfie.


P.S Don’t miss out Tomas on a broom in the gallery. When we saw the broom, we were both thinking about Harry Potter and his Nimbus 2000 and this is what had happened. 🙂


Uprostred betonove dzungle se nachazi rajska zahrada, ktera je ale stale v souladu s architektonickymi “zakony” Singaporu.

Po poduseni ve vlastni stave jsme konecne dorazili k vode, kde uz se dalo koukat na neco jineho nez jen na vlastni kapky potu padajici z nosu.


Poceni uz konecne trochu prestalo, Tomino si zlepsilo naladu kavickou a hura do parku!


Z parku je skvely vyhled na tuto zajimavost – 3 mrakodrapy na nichz sedi velka lod. Cely je to hotel a nahore se nachazi jeden z nejdrazsich baru na svete. Da se tam i nezavisle podivat, ale my tam nebyli. Misto vstupnyho si radsi nakoupime hromadu durianu ;).


Prochazime zahrady – jsou tam cinske, malajske, indicke a ruzny naucny. Jedna zahrada ma rostliny a plody, ktery jsme v zivote nevideli a nevericne na ne koukame.


V zahradach se naaam moc libilo a v nasledujicich dnech se tam jeste vydame. Maji tam tkz. “supertrees”, no podivejte se sami do galerky.

Cely zahrady vydaj minimalne na cely den. Je tam hodne k videni a je to fakt naaadherny!
Prozatim se s vami loucime listovou selfie a teste se na priste ;).


P.S Vsimnete si Tomina na kosteti! Jak jsme oba videli koste, hned jsme si vybavili Harryho Pottera a jeho Nimbus 2000. Neni to skvely?! 🙂

2 Responses to Singapore – II – Gardens by the Bay

  1. zorka says:

    Tak takový kvítí jsem ještě neviděla 🙂

  2. Digby says:

    Hi guys
    What a shock to come from the wilderness of northern Australia to Singapore
    Great pictures of the food & gardens. Will be there tomorrow staying in littl india
    Like you I hate the shopping malls & high rises. But very little left of the old Singapore.
    Next time Sri Lanka


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