Tom & Jerry

Everybody knows Tom & Jerry, right? It looks hilarious to chase around with a small cute mouse. But how is it in real life?

Kazdy urcite zna Toma a Jerryho a jak je to k popukani kdyz se po baraku honi roztomila myska. Jaky to asi je v realite?

Do you know the feeling when you wake up at 6am by a weird scratching sound a on chair next to your bed and see a rat? I guess not many people know how this feels ๐Ÿ™ Let’s just call this another “personal welcome” to Auckland, New Zealand! ๐Ÿ™‚

So yeah, one day we woke up with the great knowledge that we have a rat in our room. I would call this an upgraded version of coffee because this has the ultimate kick-off for your day ๐Ÿ™‚
Fortunately we live in a house with small dog and a cat. So let’s find out how it all ended up, shall we?

Mice and rats look cute ONLY in movies!

So the rat is either under the bed or in the closet. The dog is sniffing like a crazy so it looks like it will be her to make the catch. Idea is simple: we rattle the rat out and prepare only one route out of the room and out of the house. Cat is a fat lazy bastard (unfortunately that’s not a joke, that’s a cruel reality) so we can’t really rely on him. Plan is set, let’s do this!


Rat is out but it panics and instead of running out of the room it runs all round the closed space in the room and trying to escape from the dog. Unfortunately the dog is a bit slower than the rat and it is an unfair chase. Rat manages to actually get back into the closet. Both of us are shaking and panicking because it’s not exactly a nice start of a day when rat is running between your legs. And so we make another plan. Stage 2!


Idea is to make small closed space with the dog in it and force the rat out of hideout. We have approximately 1 square meter and new problem arises. The rat has dug itself in our huge travel bag in the closet. And so we take it out piece by piece and very carefully not to actually set the rat free. Couple of minutes later there is not much stuff left and rat runs out! So fast! Unfortunately we used a beer can box as a part of the barricade and the box was left open. And so, ladies and gentlemen, we have a rat in our beer box. Stage 3!


We go into bathroom, close the door, get into the tub and the whole idea is to have small closed space again but this time without any obstacles so the dog will have advantage. Radka opens the box, beer cans roll out and rat is out but this time Billie the dog grabs it, shakes head and that’s it. It’s done.

Battle is over!

Heart-rate goes down finally and we have serious trouble sleeping for the next couple of nights. Landlord has installed many traps and poisons around the house so hopefully this was the first and last time for us. Unfortunately by now we have heard from many friends that rats are very common in Auckland.

Allow me to say it loud and clear: Auckland SUCKS !!! Have a look at the video!


Znate ten pocit kdyz vas z hlubokyho spanku vytrhne sramoceni, pomalu otevrete oci a zjistite,ze z zidle vedle postele na vas uprene koukaji 2 krysi kukadla?! Nejspis se vam takovy zazitek jeste “nepostestil” aneb dnes se podivame na dalsi prekvapeni zivota v Aucklandu :).

Zkratka jsme se jednoho krasneho dne probudili s vedomim, ze mame v pokoji krysu! To hned clovek muze zapomenout na ranni kavicku nebot takova krysa po ranu je zarucene silnejsi nez jakejkoliv nakopavak.

Naastesti zijeme v dome s malym psikem โ€“ slecnou Bellie a panem kocourem Pipinem. Pojdme se podivat jak to cely dopadlo, jo? ๐Ÿ™‚

Mysi a krysy jsou roztomily JENOM v pohadkach!

Krysa se schovava budto pod posteli nebo v satniku. Psice Bellie cmucha jak silena a my tajime dech. Tom je stale โ€œmirneโ€ v soku protoze to byl on, kdo se rano stretnul s krysou z oci do oci. Cela vec jde uplne mimo kocoura โ€“ radsi se nekam uklidil/usnul, klasika ;). Oba nas prekvapuje jak se Bellie do toho oprela. Je to totiz malej psik, takovej ten drbaci, clovek by to do ni nerekl, skoro ji jde para od usi jak je rozcilena! ๐Ÿ™‚ cmucha a hrabe cim dal vic v satniku.

Plan je jasny โ€“ vystouchame krysu pryc z satniku a pripravime jenom jednu unikovou cestu pres barak na zahradu. Zabarikadovavame celou postel deskama co najdeme a krabicema a zkratka vsim co je po ruce.
Tri, dva, jedna, nadzvedneme kufr lezici na dne satniku a na okamzik prestaneme dychat!


Krysa vybehne ven jako strela a Bellie ji honi, ale je oproti kryse nemotorna. Vse se odehrava v nasem pokoji a honicka probiha temer mezi nasema nohama!! Ukazuje se,ze je to moc velky prostor a krysa ma stale sanci ukryt se v zahybech. Beha a skoro skace az se ji povede zdrhnout zpatky do satniku.Sotva dejchame a vymejslime jak vylepsit nas plan-takhle jsme si nas zacatek dne nepredstavovali ๐Ÿ™‚


Plan c.2

Krysa je zavrtana hluboko v satniku a my se snazime zmensit prostor na cca 1m2. Bohuzel to znamena vyndat vsechny veci ze satniku protoze krysa je nekde uvnitr. Vyndavat vec po veci z satniku s tim,ze na vas kazdou chvili muze vybehnout krysa je zuzo labuzo! adrenalin nam rozhodne nechybi! Uz je skoro vsechno venku a krysa stale nikde, kdyz v tom z niceho nic vybehne a cela vystresovana, damy a panove, vbehne primo do krabice s pivem, ktera slouzila jako jedna z barikadโ€ฆ


Plan c.3

Premistujeme se do koupelny โ€“ vsichni 4. Krabici s pivem jsme zalepili izolepou, Bellie steka a vypada to, ze se kazdou chvili zblazni. Zavirame dvere do koupelny โ€“ ja s Tomem si vlezem do vany, krabice a Bellie jsou v koupelne.. Tom bere fotak a zacne tocit, Rada rozlepuje opatrne krabici, polozi na zem..piva se kutaleji ven, krysa vybehne, Bellie ji hned capne a mrska s ni ze strany na stranu a nas boj je u konceโ€ฆ


Ulevi se nam, ale ne na dlouho. Cela operace trvala mozna 2 hodky, ale jsme z toho mimo nekolik dalsich dnu. Moc nespime, jakejkoliv zvuk nas v noci budi a my hledame dalsiho vetrelce. Povidame to panim domacim a ty nejsou moc prekvapeny โ€“ vedle nas je opustenej dum, kde se to prej primo roji. Zavolaji pana majitele a ten nastrazi par pasticek a nam je lip. Kdyz se pak bavime s lidma v okoli zjistujem, ze v Aucklandu je to celkem normalka a mohl by tu klidne vzniknout rekreacni klub o krysich prihodach ๐Ÿ˜€ Dokonce pry lezou i do fitka, chodej se tam ohrat na zimu. Rada uz se tesi na extra praxi a novy klientky ๐Ÿ™‚ mozna vytvorime skupinovy cviceni s nazvem HON NA KRYSU ๐Ÿ˜€ ,bude to zimni hit ๐Ÿ™‚

Dovolte nam to rict jeste jednou a nahlas Auckland sakuje!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Mrknete na cely video! ahooooj priste ๐Ÿ™‚

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